Product Reviews from Customers and myself.

Jeanetic jeans

I have 3 pairs of these jeans I love them that much. I have always been a big jean wearer in fact if I’m not seen in Jeans its cuz there is something going off. I love jeans because I like to be able to stick everything in my pockets and they are comfy. But Jeanetic jeans take comfy to the next level. You have all the design and look of jeans but the soft flexibility of wearing a pair of jogging bottoms. Sometimes jeans can be stiff tight but Jeanetic jeans are not. I really do like that you can dress them up with a smart blouse/top and a nice blazer and shoes and look great while feeling extra comfy. Then you can go nice and casual with a t shirt and trainers and still look great. But all I can say is I really do love my Jeanetic jeans .



Anew creams

This the text message I received off of a customer this afternoon. She recently purchased a anew cream and has been trying it. So don’t just take my word.

Hi Linda. That cream is amazing! Honestly I have like £75 creams and serums from some of the leading make up places and no word of a lie, this is just as good as them! I’m very impressed, and the eye liner I had too, it’s one of the best I’ve used! thank you x



Make up fixing spray

Here’s another review for you folks. These are all from customers who have tried and tested.
make up fixing spray……

Amazing product…I am a beauty therapist and thought I would try this on myself before I used on clients….whilst I don’t recommend doing this I actually slept in my make up after using this all day….woke up the morning after and my boyfriend asked had I just done my make up and gone back to bed !!!!!…… Gently spray about 5 mists over the face fan dry and away you go……will ordering again and recommending to my regular clients …..




Tangle Teezer and Anew Cleansing Water

I have a couple of reviews myself for you lot. The first for the Tangle Teezer, I saw something like this advertised on the TV and thought I would give it a go. I have two young girls both with long hair. The youngest who isn’t two yet is forever pulling her bobbles out and then eating something so food is always wrapped up in her hair. Trying to brush out with a normal brush is a nightmare but the Tangle Teezer she don’t run off screaming at me and when you do brush her hair the knots and lugs come out a lot easier without pulling chunks of hair out. My other daughter has curly hair so that just likes to lug up at any time so brushing through her hair with old brushes she hated but now when she’s told she’s got have hair brushed she even finds the Tangle Teezer and runs to have her brushed. I love the our Tangle Teezer and it makes life so much easier we no longer have paddys when it comes to hair brushing time.

My next review is for the Anew Cleansing water. I have been trying this a while now and love that other don’t leave your skin greasy after using it. I love the fact you put on cotton pads etc and wipe over your face.