Sales Leader Champions Club

What this you ask?

This is an extra incentive for all active Sales Leaders. By Active it means you are always trying to grow the size of your team every campaign. Each quarter you can achieve different levels depending on how much you want to work and grow your business.

These are the levels and the rewards you can achieve 4 times in a year.20841771_1957149624568282_3798796685382772494_n

The targets for the levels can change depending on the time of year.  As we come to the end of the 3rd quarter these are our current targets.


As we are about to go into the 4th Quarter of the year. Which is always the best and busiest the time of year. The targets will rise for all but the contender level.

I myself have managed to achieve Champions level once, Premier level once and also on my way to achieving this again this quarter and last quarter I achieved the pioneer level.

I love this incentive as it makes you want to keep active so you can achieve the rewards and the recognition. I loved the regional events and all the rewards.