Sales Leadership

What is Sales leadership?

This is another great opportunity from Avon where you can earn as as much as you want to if you put the work in.

I have been back as a Sales Leader for just over a year I have a team of over a 100 reps and a few downlines building their teams.

Why did I give it another go basically because  I love the products and I wanted to earn a decent wage while always being home for my children. Plus Avon also gives you a chance to earn up to £16,000  in your first year. With the Fast Start Programme.


With Sales Leadership you recruit and build your team. You help your team with getting started and any problems they come across. I love to see new reps grow and build their own business. As you build your team you also get to make friends.


Contact me now to find out how you can get started also have a look at my first year as a Sales Leader. WOW 😮 What a year