Avon Representive

Why not Give it a try?

Avon is simple you simply share the brochure and you online store with everyone you know. Be that friends, family, neighbours, and work friends. You can even have your own allocated area (territory) to work where you post books out and collect them up. You can earn yourself 25% of what you sell as well as getting yourself discounted products. You can promote your online store through any social media platform you use and customers then place their orders with you. With the added option of having the goods delivered direct to them from Avon.

You place all your orders on your website and the goods are delivered to you for you to sort to take to your customers and collect payment. You pay Avon what they want and what is left is what you earn. The more you share your brochures the more you could earn.

Then it’s a case of repeating the cycle every 3 weeks so with Avon you can get paid every 3 weeks. What you can earn is limitless and down to you the more you put in the more you can get back.

With Avon there are no upfront cost so you can get started very easily either with a face to face appointment or we can even get you set up with an online appointment which means we speak to you and explain the basics and then do a video call so we can check your identification and get your account set up. With both appointments we then send you lots of information to help you get started. With the face to face you get your starter kit then but with the online we then send your kit sent out by courier so it’s with you in 3 – 5 days.

Then it’s up to you how and when you work. You set your own goals and work to achieve them. So self motivation is one thing you need.


As well as earning you can also get yourself £300 worth o Avon products just by achieving a certain target and keeping to it for your first 4 campaigns.


Once you have got use to how Avon works and if you want to take it further you can move on to sales leadership. Again with sales leadership you choose how and when you work it and what you want out of it.